1. Hello vivik i m ur big fan since the movie sathya today me and my husb r big fan of great g masty ,dear today I have a request of help from u,plz don’t ignored m ,I belong to a middle class family and also married in a mid and big com b family system ,my parents r no more only for share in inharitace my bro cut of with m ,I live in abig combine family system where all Muslim but all believe in black magic ,badspell also ,in14years of my married life I face many problem I be a patient of asthma but now the question of my kids life ,among these bad black magician people there life destroyed ,iwant to take my home plz give m some very little help as u like plz I m in big trouble inside city of Lahore all people believe in black magic and want to destroyed others life my acc no is mcb132202010061193i have nothing to give u but my kids always pray for u ,I know u r a great mn and also A great star