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  1. Hi Kamal sir I am Ajay how are you good evening sir I am your fan of the movie name is vishwaroopam and manmadhan ambu and doctor vassul raja mbbs thanks regards to me

  2. Hai sir.i am staying namakkal ungala romba romba putikum but atha Vida cinema Va romba romba romba putikum pls sir enaku oru chance thanga hero va vena cinema la ethavathu oru chance pls sir mutiyathunu matum sollathinga sir my number 8144492444

  3. Namste nanga oru telugu bramins unga koral la nanga oru dhadavaaachu phone la kekanun assa paduro ,we dont know tamil if mistake sorry .our number is 9789918096


  5. hello sir

    sir june 6th malaysila vaishnavi nu amma appa illatha ponnu vaishnaviya house arrest la 5 years a koduma paduthi iruka sir oru grandma. 6 years old sir antha baby. antha babyoda latest suituvation solluvingala sir.malaysiyala vaishnavi epadi irukanu solla muidyuma sir pls sir help me sir. na oru kulthaiyoda amma sir ennala alugaiya niruthavey muidyala sir pls sir. nenga reel hero va mattum illama real hero va oru time na pakanum sir. antha baby goverment control la iruka illa yaravathu adopt panitagalnu theriyanum sir pls sir. oru ammavoda prayer a niachi pls details solla muydiuma sir pls sir cel:9629519378

  6. Sir i want to meet u.. if u wish !i dont know u may b or may not seing tis text…. but still iwant to meet to u…. if trying my self it takes years… i do don’t want to waste too… if u get this text plz call me on 92444 44456… if i too get ur number i may not able cross ur securitys… if so

  7. respected
    hindi actor for coimbatore or tamil shri padmavibushanhaum mr doctor indian actor kamalhassan sir please do not break our buildings from any bangalore query by ours police reports we erased all in mobiles and keep9wives per1civildiploma foreman of ravindraryapolytechnic1988year passed in34percentage failed as i mrkamalnathginghurisinghurinathulhasain a muslim in yeshavanthapur
    in bangalore birthed in1january1961redried2times for new punjabi families in pobox1219near ikrepuram cbe26in tamilnadu is my nivas
    all mlayallis have reported i stand for1mla
    but buildwell told
    i cant enter in politics as i destroyed all my112simcards of all companies of coimbatore since1feb2001to23june2016ths when i started my careers in buildwell in ootty i was black but how i live with my kharabhu face in beautines in wife he is angry
    atta is my guru
    buildwell says9994329646i7i8i9i11i12ths all are buildwells losses
    care of my wife in0422202118341
    04223213687my mobile9575291972
    or my latest in buildwell is
    now i in0091
    buildwell co
    coming you soon
    8buildings i give
    actor kamalhassan sir a beaui every i
    thanks attollin kondupoyien ariyuvin etc
    palmoliensbody i
    aliens in india i
    9843140395says i looked
    kamalhassan of indian burnt
    please check
    thanhasekaranthampi a civilengineer
    buildwell stands i

  8. Dear friend, I have been seeing a very great love of our tamil peoples to you.Actually you are the best man now I understand that you love peoples always whether students or family men and women like you very much..because of a good human in sense you love those peoples who are oppressed and compelled to fallow certain orthodox habits that they could not digest..And dear friend I am of your age and I I appreciate your bold appeal to people’s of this soil with good themes of reformatted. .You are definitely needed to our state at this moment..Thank you sir..Thank you very much..

  9. தமிழ் மண்ணின் மனதோடும்,மணத்தோடும் வாழும் சமூக சிந்தனையாளர் திரு.கமல்ஹாசன் அவர்களுக்கு வணக்கம்.

    தம்முடைய ஊழலுக்கெதிரான அறப்போர் மக்களை விழித்தெழச் செய்திருக்கிறது.


  10. Hai sir
    ennaku english avolova theriyathu athan tamil la type pandren ungaloda fan nan kedaithu but ipo after bigg boss show nan ungala thavira yarukum fan kedaiyathu show kaga matum illa ungaloda thinking ku than epdi oru humanala different ah yosika mudium I love u sir ineme enoda guru neenga than
    apuram oru chinna request sir
    engalukaga arasiyaluku neenga varanum youth ku chance vaangi kudukanum yellarukum porupu irukunu unara vaikanum
    nanga unga kuda irukom nanga nu sonathu ottu motha makkala kandipa neenga varuveenganu namburen kadavul kita vendikiren kadavul nu nan sonathu engaloda nambikaiya iam waiting
    thank u sir by normal house wife

  11. Dear Kamalahassan,

    Big boss show is not justified . They Committed mistake by save culprits & cunning Gayathri by big boss
    Justification. General public are thought the answer of the question ask by big boss enable to save her was informed secretly and also you act as a Nathigan, but in caste(Iyangar) you are supporting Gayathri. Why the big bass ask general public to caste vote for saving contestants from elimination. Gayathri got only least vote and she is suppose to go out of big boss house. You are supporting and save her by trick way. This act is a very much wrong and make the viewers fooligh.

  12. Hiiii sir me rajasthan se aaya Hua Hu aapse Milne k liye mene aapki bhut sari filme dekhi h me aapka bhut bda fen Hu sir me Badi muskil se Tamil Nadu phucha Hu aapse Milne k liye but bhut kosis ki aapse mil nhi pa rha Hu sir plzzz meri icha h ki aapse milke hi jaunga me Badi muskil se pese ekthe kr k aaya Hu apna sapna Pura krne aapse Milne me mere sab dosto ko bol kr Aaya Hu ki me Kamal hasan sir se Milne ja rha Hu sir plzzz aap Mera ye sapna Mt tod Dena Varna muje acha nhi lgega or sab dost bhi chidayenge isliye sir plzzz mil lijiye itna to samay aap mere liye nikal hi sakte h plzzz???? sir plzzzzzzzzzzz????

  13. Hai sir how are you sir ? I am DEEPEN from Guduvanchery big boss every day I watching and don’t miss it sir and plz I want meet you sir na ungalada big fan sir yanakum big boss game velaiyada num asaiya iruku sir plz plz

  14. Dear Sir
    Some of your assistant contacted me over my mob.no day before yesterday regarding donation. I do not know his name.He also said that you are interested to donate as mentioned earlier in my earlier mail and contact me in this connection again. Would you please help me in this connection.
    D.R.Das Gupta

  15. Hi Common Man,

    I am 28 years old. I need to change society. I met all kind of public servents and politicians. I directly and indirectly affected.. I saw lot poor persons tears and heared middle class person feelings with frustations.. What I felt, their felt were same ji.

    I am not your fan. But i can do 200% support.

    Apart from vote, I need to do something to MY TAMILNADU..

    Guide us how to contact you? before startup ur party…

    I don’t know how to Contact you.
    If u see my comment call my number..
    If some one knows him please forward this comment.. Really we are in edge..


  16. Hi ji,

    I forget to mention..
    Name : kalaiyarasan
    Age : 28
    Degree : B.Tech
    Located : Chennai.

    More Details..
    I got married.. Love marriage.. My wife native Andhra, My native Thanjavur(Tamizhan)..

    I am struggling…
    But my brothers and sisters wont struggle in our soceity..

  17. I’m prabhakaran I’m eagerly waiting to joined with you to change our stat first….. to next level ……I tried to meet you sir but it’s not happend …..so please contact me sir 9043193135

  18. Respected Padmashree Dr.Kamal Hassan, i would like send you a letter in relation to your political entry, if and when you decide… can i have the privilege to request your Email ID or any of your close associate/s. my id is [email protected]… thank you i remain.

    We need a change , and i am eagerly waiting your announcement… ( it will be a great boost if Thalaiva joins Ulaga Nayagan. I pray fir that day)
    Thank you

  19. Sir , I am you fan since my age of 14 and now i am interested to join with your change the tamilnadu’s political history movement. Mainly destroy the education business first with student force and learning society peoples
    thank you [email protected]

  20. தாங்கள் ஆரம்பிக்கும் கட்சிக்கு உறுப்பினர்கள் சேர்க்க நானும் சேர ஆவலாக உள்ளோம் தயவு செய்து அதற்கான ஆவனம் ஆனுப்பவும் திருவல்லிக்கேணி, மைலாப்பூர், மந்தவெளி, சேப்பாக்கம் போன்ற பகுதிகளில் லட்சக்கணக்கானோர் காத்திருக்கிறோம் தலைவர் கமல் அவர்களின் அழைப்புக்காக சரவணன் 9962316833

  21. Hi …sir I’m u r fan ….im fowling u sir …so pls call me …im joined u sir ….so many time I come in chennai but I can’t meet u sir …..Im really feel so …..so pls call me …9790021928 …im waiting sir

  22. Kamal Sir,
    Well and wish to hear the same. I am also the one who really hate the corrupted people who destroyed the normal human life in our country. I lost my past 2.5 years life since I started my own business in Tiruvarur, Tamilnadu. After I served 20 years in Gulf countries, I affected very badly due to our political and govt. office systems when I started my business. I lost lakhs of money. My life is now???????. I am 44 years old. I never feed food from corrupted money to my children or to my family. Can you give a chance to meet you and discuss?

  23. Dear kamal sir;
    My name V.R.Murugan enaku cinima fieldla work pannanum romba aasai sir. na konja kavithai ezhuthuva. na 200 pattu (lyrice)ezhuthi iruken. oru vaipu kuduga sir.pls sir
    my no;9944179610

  24. Respected Padmashree Dr.Kamal Hassan Sir, I am Vilvanathan, working at Private Company at Hosur. Krishnagiri district in tamil nadu. Sir, I want to working in your social work. I eager to fulfilled the social reforms in tamilnadu, i was finished MA sociology in Annamalai University.. My Phone number is 9916521073 and 8310658931. my mail id is [email protected] and my official mail id is [email protected] Please convey to your views. I eager to join your team and working at tamil nadu social movement. by, M.Vilvanathan.Hosur.

  25. bigboss it is nobody in tamil cinema and industry
    peenya i spoke electionings for 1sts and house demolishes etc with castered id cards only i spoke on23octs2017th today in my9025151126shiva tallybillclerk operatorudedhum i spoke in aptech communications and logistics chennai nunghambokkam in aptechs
    8th villa next
    mudhalmayadai in muttarivendtum muttummudhallhiyaa vandhen enn kamal accha please assetise my performa please1january2013th to23october2017th i have done
    cas can be in ecci
    peenya needs 1st caste cers from peenya
    electise me now iam arguing daily
    electrocommercer business i did what if my kamal appa expired by kghospitals other
    reason medine worth cash
    in sixcos i worked on his death day
    but i believed302years of aged tamillians of apollocentre hospitals if my kamalchamyacchan is dead
    streets nchamy walks
    streets for hindu is samadhi pls for muslims it is purchaser etc or pettikadai etc
    27april2017th meyyakripurampalayam i went
    i want peeny completely to know
    andhar kya business by mumbai streetdwellers in 8th deads etc
    bpindian schools in0802376418941a sunitha in2027146741mobile angered and treated fear thru8rels in
    premier grihalaks apartments to not to vote unless i ask
    dr kamalhassan sir 1st house without castes of certificates
    thatha in
    suriyiappan hospital projects
    nivas sampoornamnivas no211by6th old no1by2 end near thottam of vrkcomplex near aallhamarham busstand po via vadavalli busstop or city union and icici and meenakshipurammurugan kottai temple in ramapuram2nd phase po
    vadavalli in coimbatore41in tamilnadu
    poor my acchan i did it in usa and all countries
    tamil solliyaal302years
    sarojini mrs lived with3childrens my anthamucchiappan told on23april2016th my fathers death day
    muthalmuttum kaatalai
    mssr302years for ayusshu for my dearest acchan dr
    i argued what is my performance everyweek in nets going and comings in
    vadavalli nenjhaum etc
    iam not streetdweller
    my kidney i cant be sold at
    please follow
    devaikkichamykamalshambhuhassan actoristsking in indian cinema with
    wills power again
    nchamy you follow
    son mr and mrs sureshpriyians wishes
    vghospitals told marundhu worth2years only
    hernea is kirikkhum i
    please foods and origins i mr perfect
    mr indian ruling in vadavalli
    18years old
    go to any corporations sir

  26. it’s Reqst only
    in filmindusries help me
    for a Rappsong please
    im Sloww Rapper &
    Speeed Rapper Silu Singg Agra
    my youtube page name is

  27. Sir, recently our ministers announcing that there is no power cut in tamilnadu especially in chennai, also they are also telling that surplus power is selling to other states, one more thing that in our tamil news paper iam witnessing a news that north chennai’s thermal power plant is shutting down due to surplus power – If this is the case actually…..why there is no lighting in most of the highly trafficated main roads, those roads are lighted only by shops and by the vehicles, it is very difficult to judge any person crossing the road. already our roads are sand spilled – NO LIGHTS IN MAIN ROADS – NO CLEAN AND SLIPPERY ROADS . IAM BRINGING THESE THINGS TO YOUR KNOWLEDGE WHY BECAUSE I TRUST YOU

  28. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a 66 years old retired person who was having a small partnership business.But unfortunately due to several unavoidable reasons beyond my control mainly my partner cheated me I had to close down the business. Now I have become popper and unable to meet my lively hood. Would you be kind enough to donate USD 50,000.00(if possible) to me. I would remain ever grateful to you.
    This Usd 50,000.00 equivalent Rupess I had calculated because I had to meet up lot of liabilities.Threfore ,If possible please try to donate equivalent Rupees.
    I request you that in case you are in a position to donate there should not be any Broker in between.
    Please trust me what I have written to you above .Please feel free to ask me any query in this connection

    Tomorrow being Ganesh Chaturthi a very auspicious day I hope you will consider my request and In anticipation that you are in a position to donate I am Pro actively providing you my Bank Details:
    Name Debaki Ranjan Das Gupta
    S/AC No: 10521567279
    Bank: State Bank of India(40229) DOVER PLACE BRANCH
    IFSC Code: SBIN0040229
    Dover Place, RashBehari Avenue,Calcutta-700029,West Bengal,India
    D.R.Das Gupta
    49E,Purna Das Road
    Mob.No 9830036597
    email id : [email protected]
    I am attaching the scanned documents as required by you as follows
    1.Copy of Pan Card
    2.Copy of Voters Id Card
    3.Copy of Adhar Card
    4.Copy of Vodafone Bill
    Would you please donate to enable to pull on my lively hood.Please show this writing to Mr.Kama Hassan
    D.R.Das Gupta

  29. padabivandanam,

    my name sudhakar yadav caste of kendriya mantrivarya bandaru dattatreya sir .
    kurnool city -ap state.
    few days before i was in chennai

    sudhakar yadav

  30. Hi sir i am one of your best friend son u r my family member you cant forgot mrs rajaambal and goodu subramaniam if u give me chance to explain i a have a gift it was a rare pic of urs pls pls pls pls pls pls sir give me a chance to meet you this is my no 8778843664 thanking you

  31. Sir nenga sona mathri na arasiyaluku vara thayar ana epdi varathunutha therila bsc it mudichuruka ana padicha padipu ku vela ila na athuka ka ungala tamilnadu thiruthunga matratha konduvanganala sollala kasu katti padichurukom antha padipuku vela kidachaleeee pothum ea family kapatha nenga arsalyaluku vanthanaa padicha student vela kidakka matum uthavi pannunga sir this is my num 7502478692

  32. Hello sir……
    This is sivakumar from salem (DT) omalur (TK)….my friends always need to join our political team……more then 2000 friends there sir ,my team name is( Next team TAMILNADU)…
    pleas kindly contact the number sir 9500582569.
    i am political marketing team leader…..

  33. Dear Sir,
    Am Dhanapal from chennai. Request to give an appointment to meet you. I would like to have your blessings for my child. Pls give just 2 mins time to have your blessing. My contact no is +91-9677889955 and my email [email protected]. pls consider my request. Thanks.

  34. This is for mr.kamal bigg boss show the way this week (30.07.2018 to 02.08.2018 ) bigg boss is going is not right giving the power for another state women who is fooling the tamil people as a ruler and making shame on the tamil people this is not fair so i think if you become the CM means tamilnadu should be saved by the god only so i dam sure you will not get a chance its my challenge try to respect the people not for the channel trp…There is no difference between you and other politician in india….

  35. రాజకీయముగా మీరు తీసుకున్న నిర్ణయము అంతా మంచిదికాదు అని నా అభిప్రాయము. ఎందుకంటే మీరు ఒక పార్టీ ని నడుపుటకంటే సామాజిక కార్య కత్రగా ఉంది ప్రజలను చైతన్యము చేయుటకు రాజనీకాంత, ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ లో జయప్రకాష్ నారాయణ, కర్ణాటక లో ప్రకాష్ రాజ్, ఢిల్లీ లో అరవింద కేజ్రీవాల్, సామాజిక కార్య కర్త అన్నా హజారే, సందీప్ పాండే తో కలసి పనిచేస్తే చాలా బాగుంటుంది.
    విద్య, వైద్యము ప్రభుత్వము గుప్పిటలో నుండి ప్రధమ ప్రాధాన్యతగా గుర్తించాలని,ఎన్నికల సంస్కరణలు, పేదవాడికి సత్వర న్యాయము అండాలంటే 10 లక్షల ప్రజలకు 160 మండి న్యాయమూర్తులను నియమించాలని, ప్రజలకు జనరిక్ మందులు ఇవ్వాలని, I A S Officers ను 3 సంవత్సరములు లోపు బదిలీ చేయకూడదని ప్రభుత్వాన్ని పొడుస్తూ ఉండాలి.
    ప్రజలు కూడా ఒక బిడ్డనే కణాలని, మొక్కలు నాటాలని, దేశభక్తి తో జీవించాలని చైతన్య కార్యక్రమాలు నిర్వహించాలి.

  36. Sir ,
    I am proud of you, you have entered in politics, i am thankful for you for this , to save Tamilnadu ,
    But rajnikanth sir also entered in politics , if you both stand in tow party , nobody will win a single seat ,
    only the DMK Party will win the all the seat whether it was counseler (or) MLA any thing so please
    connive the rajnikanth sir are you, rajnikanth sir want to support you, are otherwise you want to support
    rajnikanth sir ,you both of them want to support one another , otherwise there is no use of you both
    entering in politics ,don’t wast your image , well wisher of kamal sir , rajani sir & tamilnadu.
    Thanking you,

  37. lokanayak oka manchi comedy,manchi songs, manchi dresses, oka great story, lecture kakapoina edo oka profession. navvukunta undaali. vulgar seenlu undakoodadu. manchi atmosphere. manchi location. pedda family. good picture. teeyandi.

  38. nanna oka manchi cinema tee. bhayapettevi vaddu. pls.nuvvu chala great nanna. padimandilo nenu anukune vadivi. great nanna.


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